• Renting Dubai Villa`s
    There are few parts of the world experiencing a faster growth rate than that of the United Arab Emirates.  As this oil-rich nation expands in the scope of drilling and exporting valuable resources, it also has become a world leader in technology and renewable energy.  As such, both corporations and individuals are flocking to call Dubai and the UAE their home.  Those looking to move to the country, however, should know a few things about Dubai villas in order to make sure that their stay is productive and peaceful.
    Tenants And Leases For Villas
    Many people looking for short term stays will likely consider renting a villa.  The laws in the UAE regarding tenancy, however, are much different than those in the United States or the European Union.  For starters, the landlord has much more power and fewer responsibilities than they would outside the country.  A foreigner working in Dubai will not have any recourse if they are found to have violated any part of their lease and can be subject to immediate eviction -- literally being kicked out of their apartment on the same day that they are found to have violated a lease.  There are no "squatters rights" and no time to find a new place to live if you are evicted from a Dubai villa.
    Locations Of Houses And Villas
    The growth of Dubai over the past decade has not been linear.  The city is generally divided into east and west.  The west is proximate to the ocean while the east is further inland.  Generally speaking, foreigners tend to live in the western neighborhoods of the city while natives like in the eastern side.  There is very little crossover, and a person who drives through the clean, modern parts and crosses the 311 highway may be shocked at the transformation into rural (and mostly poor) neighborhoods.  Renting or owning a Dubai home will cost more in the western part of the city but will nearly always be a better choice for a foreigner.  What's more, a Dubai house in the western part of the city will have more access to sanitary facilities that are few and far between elsewhere.
    Getting An Agent
    Finding the right Dubai villa to rent or lease can be a time consuming affair.  A great way to cut down on the time, expense, and headache of the entire operation is to hire an agent as soon as (or before) you land in the UAE.  These agents can show you everything from a luxury Dubai villa to a modest studio apartment, but will know the inside deals needed to get the best lodging possible for your stay in the UAE.  This is because landlords often directly work with agents in order to get more interest in their properties and receive higher interest.  The agent is only given a commission when they make a sale, so they will only show you the properties that they are legally allowed to close a deal on.  Do not be afraid to ask for more than one agent's advice.